Sunday, 20 September 2020


Earlier in the year, Anna Knowles and I were exchanging some songs and books and stuff. This turned into a pen pal song writing project and we soon ended up with a little album of short songs, which we sent to some of our friends as a gift. Then all of a sudden we were presented with an opportunity to make the songs available for a useful purpose. Unfortunately the original plan didn't work out, but we had everything ready so we're making them available in a name-your-price kind of way.

Two lovely friends, Grace Denton and Nicol Parkinson, lent some singing and other instruments two a couple of the songs.

This was a really nice thing to be able spend time on over the early summer. It never felt like the central focus of our lives – in a good way. It was just this nice thing that seemed to work really well with no pressure or ultimate goal in mind. 

Have a look at Anna's other really amazing bands, The Middle Ones and The Living End!