Saturday, 30 November 2019

i am exploded

I made another one of these pamphlets, this time with a nice painting of the universe on the cover. It is a kind of sequel to my Encyclopedia, which I wrote in 2012 and published in 2013. It's inspired by all sorts of things I'm interested in. The text is more or less a stream of silly thoughts. The treatment I have then given this text is something I discuss at the front of the pamphlet. It's a technique I first saw in a children's book by Graham Oakley, and I'm sure something like it probably appears in Finnegan's wake or something. I've messed around with language in this way a tiny bit but it was while reading Alan Moore's Jerusalem that I saw it used to great effect as a Kind os exploded fourth dimensional angelic language (I had already decided to call this pamphlet 'I am exploded' by this time, as a reference to feeling exploded by the complicated world, like a Haynes manual illustration).

Anyway, I've used a kind of word substitution bricolage here for my own purposes and I hope it is not inappropriate. It's not as clever as the things it was inspired by but it made a piece of text I was getting a bit bored with a bit more interesting.