Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Prehistoric flint mine

Blackberry picking

Blackberry jam

Woad harvesting

I'm having a fun year, I've floated around in the sea a couple of times and been on some boats and learned to grow things. I've been working on a big project, started in 2016 and thrown in the bin two or three times since then. It's starting to look as if it might get finished, though it still needs a lot of work. I would usually prefer to finish a thing as soon as possible, so I've got lots of little activities to keep me from getting impatient.

That jam (got my instructions from the bbc)
Picked about 1.3kg of blackberries
rinsed them and picked off stalks
put in a bowl with about 1kg of jam sugar (with pectin in)
mixed about a bit until sugar started to dissolve
left in fridge overnight
put in a big pan
put a small saucer in the freezer
squeezed in a lemon
put pips in a tea strainer and left in the mix (more pectin)
heated for about 20 mins
tested now and then by putting a spoonful into saucer from freezer 
poke with finger, looking for the surface to wrinkle
ladled into jars
put jars in pan of water (water needs to cover the lids)
heated for about 40 mins to force out air

That woad (got my instructions from woad.org.uk)
Leaves seemed full size so i picked them (got to do it before they flower)
stored in fridge (bad idea, they should be in a bag in a cool place, i read) 
gonna blanch them in water (not boiled) for about 20 mins
gonna cool them rapidly in ice water
gonna squeeze out their juice (wearing gloves)
gonna add soda ash and stir it up
gonna put them in jars and let the pigment settle to the bottom
gonna see what happens

Riot days, Maria Alyokhina
I hate the internet, Jarett Kobek
Demanding the impossible, Peter Marshall

Listening to
Why did you separate me from the earth?, Anohni
Krulle bol, This is the kit
Light green leaves, Little wings