Sunday, 30 September 2018

a recent zine

I've started putting some of my scraps of writing together into these pocket-paperback-sized pamphlets. A few years ago I sold my zines in markets and shops and places. It's something I'd like to try and do more of now. The first of these I made was called dumb prose and it was a collection of all kinds of stuff from notebooks and things. When I make music now, I usually gather scraps of words together so I guess this was a similar approach, except in print.

The most recent one of these was finished this year. I called it buildings between the trees and called it my 'memoirs' as a little joke. It was a long time in the making. I started making a collection of autobiographical linocuts in 2014, intending to use them for something else. Most of the writing was then done in about 2016. Then I spent a little while editing and combining things. 

I have plans for a third one like this. You can download my memoirs for now if you like. 

buildings between the trees.pdf

I really love to write. I do it every day. This blog was a sci-fi story before I decided to start showing my work again. I haven't given up on that story altogether. One day it'll be back in some form.