Wednesday, 14 November 2018

a long project

I've been working on this comic strip for a long time now. It's getting close to being finished and will form the accompanying booklet for a collection of instrumentals I made and had lathe-cut onto an 8" disc of acrylic. It's taken a while because in the comic I'm thinking about tough feelings, which is hard and also important to balance right, not making it too grim or whatever. It's crawling towards completion though and I've been laying out the panels to try and get the order right.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Apologies for how miserable I look in the photo. I Think it is a really nice shot. It was taken by Tish Dodd early in the morning. Thanks Tish! 

The reason I'm trying to start blogging again is that I have found recent months very challenging and making things is important to me, especially when it feels as though I can't. 

This is part of a project I started earlier in the year. The idea was to make a big collage of music and sounds and words that would be continuously updated, never to reach a definitive form. I like what I've made here. I hope to return to the project later.

Thanks to Emma Rayner for playing the drums on this.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

a recent zine

I've started putting some of my scraps of writing together into these pocket-paperback-sized pamphlets. A few years ago I sold my zines in markets and shops and places. It's something I'd like to try and do more of now. The first of these I made was called dumb prose and it was a collection of all kinds of stuff from notebooks and things. When I make music now, I usually gather scraps of words together so I guess this was a similar approach, except in print.

The most recent one of these was finished this year. I called it buildings between the trees and called it my 'memoirs' as a little joke. It was a long time in the making. I started making a collection of autobiographical linocuts in 2014, intending to use them for something else. Most of the writing was then done in about 2016. Then I spent a little while editing and combining things. 

I have plans for a third one like this. You can download my memoirs for now if you like. 

buildings between the trees.pdf

I really love to write. I do it every day. This blog was a sci-fi story before I decided to start showing my work again. I haven't given up on that story altogether. One day it'll be back in some form.